helloo! welcome to my site!!C im 7teen yrs of age, poc filipino (not 4 bbm!) im a gay genderfluid guy (it usually changes from enby 2 a man) & i use he/they w neos! j please ONLY USE masculine terms & gender neutral terms. that means NO FEMALE TERMS!!id like it if u used tone indicators with me, thx! please tw suicide or saying ull kys (srsly, plz add tone indicators so ik if ur joking)cr hourlyriti n slight ib by ikisschris

guidelines to know i am a solo stan of aespas ningning lol. i really dgaf if u solo stan or anti any other groups UNLESS its txt. u drag down txt i drag down ur favs. if it wasnt obv i prioritize txt. i get mad easily n will start an argument /hj, i can b very nsfw lmk if ur not ok w it. i make kys jokes but if ur gonna use kms jokes plz add tone indicators. even tho i appreciate tone indicators i dont use it unless u want me 2. if u dont fit discords age criteria i will probs avoid u. i joke around w worlds like owo n uwu. i dont cw or tw cursing or caps (i do it a lot!)rules stop what ur doing! dni lol+21 unless i fb 1st. txt anti. u think pronouns = gender. u invalidate neo/xenopronouns. ur young enough 4 me 2 babysit @least give me money?? we have NOTHING in common. u ship real people srsly wtf. filipino kpop stans /hj coz yawl r so unfunny. support lolicons, shotacons & NTR manga ew. u call urself a fujoshi or fudanshi. u use the terms waifu or husbando ur either 50 or 10. u fetishize cultures. dsmp stan unless i fb 1st. bp stan only gg stan only unless i fb 1st. ur irl unless siblings friends & bfs.

ults M tomorrow by together, astro, enhypen, p1harmony, ive, itzy, twice, seventeen, ateez ults of ults w txt ot5. astro moonbin eunwoo. p1h keeho intak. svt mingyu dokyeom the8. ateez yeosang sanmedia M one piece fairytail tensura black clover death note tbhk tokyo revengers jujutsu kaisen oshis shu luca elira oliver nagao kaida genzuki selen rosemi petramostly virtual